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SAP Simple Finance SyllabusTraining Hours: 30

SAP S/4HANA 1503, 1511 Release

At the end of SAP Simple Finance Training you will learn
*In-memory technology and SAP HANA
*Redundancy removal
*Non-disruptive innovation
*Flexible reporting
*Data aging
*Universal journals
*SAP Simple Finance applications
*Deployment and adoption
*SAP Fiori
*Central Finance
*SAP Lumira

SAP Simple Finance Training Curriculum
Simple Finance with SAP HANA Database

  • Mastering Business Challenges without SAP HANA
  • The New SAP HANA-Based Architecture
  • Structure of Journal
  • Merging G/L Accounts and Cost Elements
  • Compatibility Views
  • Depreciation Runs
  • Multidimensional Profitability Analysis
  • The Challenge of Flexible Operational Reporting Needs
  • Addressing the Challenges Using SAP Simple Finance
  • Conceptual Advances in Reporting
  • Merging of Accounts and Cost Elements
  • Accounts and Other Hierarchies
  • Advances for End Users.

Introduction to HANA Concepts

  • Keeping Data in Memory
  • Ensure Durability
  • Columnar Data Organization
  • Data Encoding and Compression
  • Dictionary Encoding
  • Data Compression.
  • Operation on Compressed Data
  • Parallel Execution in Columnar Store
  • Parallel Aggregation
  • Delta Store and Merge
  • Benefits of a Redundancy-Free System
  • In-Memory Technology Removes Redundancy
  • Simplifying the Core Data Model
  • Benefits of the New Data Model
  • Compatible Refactoring
  • Transitioning to SAP Simple Finance
  • Gaining Unparalleled Insights
  • Removing Predefined Aggregates
  • Deciding without Information Loss
  • Optimizing Operations with Big Data
  • Innovating with Line Item Granularity

Data updating in HANA Database

  • Information Lifecycle
  • Traditional Approach: Archiving
  • Modern Approach: Data Aging
  • Implementation
  • Avoiding Inconsistencies

Flexible analytics with HANA

  • Replacing Complex Analytics with Simplicity
  • SAP HANA Live Paradigms
  • SAP HANA Live Architecture
  • Virtual Data Model
  • Extensible Data Model

Deploying simple Finance

  • Architecture Overview
  • Landscape Migration for Existing SAP ERP Systems
  • Handling General Ledger Functionality
  • HANA Enterprise Cloud Deployment
  • Understanding Cloud Solutions In Financial Operations

Simple Finance Concepts

  • Reloading SAP ERP Financials Functionality
  • Financial Accounting (FI) .
  • Controlling and Management Accounting (CO)
  • Financial Supply Chain Management (FIN-FSCM) .
  • Treasury and Risk Management (FIN-FSCM-TRM).
  • Cash Management
  • New Applications in SAP Simple Finance
  • Mastering Business Challenges without SAP HANA
  • The New SAP HANA-Based Architecture
  • Merging G/L Accounts and Cost Elements.
  • Immediate Benefits of the New Model
  • Depreciation Runs
  • Multidimensional Profitability Analysis
  • New Analysis Patterns

Simple Finance Applications

  • Business Cockpits for Business People
  • Working with Business Cockpits
  • Defining a Business Cockpit
  • Financials Operations
  • Receivables Management
  • Payables Management
  • Networks Integration
  • Order Collaboration
  • Invoice Collaboration
  • Discount Management
  • Cash Management
  • Bank Account Management
  • Cash Operations
  • Liquidity Management
  • Simplified Data Model
  • Integrated Business Planning for Finance
  • Business Context
  • underlying Architecture
  • Planning Application
  • Business Planning Process
  • Profitability
  • SAP Fiori Applications
  • Costing-Based to Account-Based Profitability
  • Analysis
  • Financial Closing and Consolidation
  • Process Management
  • Avoiding Reconciliation Efforts
  • Faster Period Close with SAP HANA
  • New Closing Applications
  • Revenue Accounting
  • Contract Identification
  • Performance Obligation Identification
  • Transaction Price Determination
  • Transaction Price Allocation
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Developing Intuitive Products
  • Fiori Design Principles in SAP Simple Finance
  • Fiori Application Framework and Finance
  • Application Types
  • Application Patterns and Controls

SAP Lumira 1.27

  • Installation
  • Importing Reports
  • Designing of Dynamic Reports
  • Analyzing Reports

SAP Predictive Analytics 2.2

  • Installation
  • Statistical Tools
  • Updating R -Program
  • Migration
  • Analysis
  • Installation
  • Updating R -Program
  • Migration
  • Analysis

Reporting In Simple Finance

  • The Challenge of Flexible Operational Reporting Needs
  • Addressing the Challenges Using SAP Simple Finance
  • Conceptual Advances in Reporting
  • Merging of Accounts and Cost Elements
  • Advances for End Users